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Adult Ballet

Day and Time Start Date Duration Fee Course Code
Tue 7:30-8:30pm 26-Sep 8 weeks £60.00 LE6059

Who is the programme for?

This course is designed for the complete beginner or those who have very limited knowledge of ballet. No previous dance experience is required.


This course is intended not only to be a great form of exercise but also to help build core strength, lengthen and strengthen muscles whilst improving posture, balance, flexibility, and overall body alignment.


This course will give you training and an understanding of ballet technique whilst giving you a pleasurable versatile type of exercise.


What is the programme about?

Adult ballet classes have increased in popularity over recent years, and for good reason. Ballet is an elegant classical form of dance, performed largely to classical music. Ballet is based upon strong and secure technique which also forms the basis of many other dance genres; it is a graceful art form with flowing and precise movements. Ballet also has its own vocabulary deriving from the French language which you will begin to learn during this course.


Learn the basic positions, arm lines and exercises as an introduction to the art of Ballet.


Entry to the Programme?

No entry requirements

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in

Ballet shoes


Are there any resources to obtain?

Ballet Shoes will be required (it is suggested that you enquire whether your course will be running before making this