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Award in Digital Promotion for Business (Level 2)

Course Code
  • The Course

This course will give you an understanding of the role of digital promotions and how online and offline activities can be combined to successfully promote products. It is equivalent to half a GCSE and will fit well in a mixed programme.


  • Where It Will Lead

This course, in combination with GCSEs or other level 2 qualifications could lead to a level 3 programme.


  • Course Requirements


You will need English Language and Mathematics at Grade 3 or GCSE Grade D or above (or equivalent).


You should be interested in Business and Marketing.


*Please note that these entry grade requirements may be different to those published in the 2017 prospectus.  Grade requirements as detailed here and on the website should always be used as the most accurate and up-to-date ones.



  • Study Programme

Your course will include a range of three units:

•          Digital promotion for business

•          Coordinating offline and digital media for business

•          Producing digital promotional content for business




•      Assessment



This course will be assessed on a range of written and practical coursework.


  • Time


The core teaching time is 2 hours per week.  It is also expected that you will study English and Maths functional skills or at GCSE level alongside this course if you do not already have C grades.  An enrolment tutor will help you select the most appropriate English, Maths and GCSE / level 2 programme.



  • Facilities and Equipment

The Award in Digital Promotion for Business will be taught in designated computer rooms.  The computers have all the necessary software and you will be able to practice in the Open Learning Centre. You will be given a printing budget of £10 which you may need to top-up. 




  • Further Information


for general enquiries, please contact