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Biology (GCSE)

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  • The Course


This course will help you to answer questions such as “How do human bodies respond to changes inside them and to their environment?”, “What are animals and plants built from?” and “How does exercise affect the exchanges taking place within the body?”.


We will also discuss of the development of scientific ideas and the environmental, social and ethical issues associated with technological advances.


  • Where It Will Lead


A grade 6 or GCSE Grade B will enable you to take AS/A Level Biology, and with a Grade 5 or GCSE Grade C you could go on to BTEC Applied Science, AS/A Level Environmental Studies or AS/A Level Psychology, if you have another science.


It will also count as a Science GCSE if you need one for Higher Education (eg a teaching course).


  • Course Requirements


You should have at least a GCSE Grade C in GCSE Core Science, or a GCSE Grade D in Additional Science or Biology or show that you have the necessary potential in a diagnostic test.


*Please note that these entry grade requirements may be different to those published in the 2017 prospectus.  Grade requirements as detailed here and on the website should always be used as the most accurate and up-to-date ones.



  • Study Programme


Group work, research, individual teaching and practical work are all important parts of the course.



Topics include:


  • Cell Biology
  • Organisation
  • Infections and response
  • Bioenergetics
  • Homeostasis and response
  • Inheritance, variation and evolution
  • Ecology


Practical work will include designing experiments, making measurements, presenting data and using data to draw conclusions.


  • Time


The normal college allocation for a GCSE course is 3 hours per week.  You will need to spend several hours a week on private study.


  • Assessment



Assessment is via 2 x 1hr 45min exams.  The exams can be taken at foundation level (grades 1-5) or higher level (grades 4-9)



  • Facilities


There are several well-equipped Biology laboratories on the second floor of the building, and we also use other laboratories and teaching rooms.  GCSE textbooks are available in the science department and in the college library.


  • Expenses


You will need to purchase a text book for the course.


  • Further Information


The full specification can be viewed on the AQA Website at http//


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